Aller Median tuottama asiantuntijasivusto digiliiketoiminnasta, markkinoinnista, mediasta, sisällöistä, teknologiasta ja työelämästä.

Standing ovation for the author of this inspirational compilation. Nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess. Surely you will not fail if you take ideas from this material, unless your final product is delivered to someone who still lives in the stone age. Starting to work watching this compilation is like starting a morning listening to a good Bossa nova.

This headline caught my attention completely and immediately I thought: "Woao! I'll learn something new!" But the article is more based on the methodology, when starting a new project. Here's some basic things and others that are learned by experience, what the project or the brief in your hands needs.

A website has to be used by very different kind of people and therefore its design and UX should be accessible and easy to understand. Web design must follow both creativity and logic if it wants to be innovative yet simple to use. In fact, this is valid for anything in the world. Think of Apple: innovative, easy to use. To make its products they have a deep understanding of human behaviour, yet they are very creative and innovative.

This makes me feel like when I watch the VH1 Classic, recalling with nostalgia and thinking how evolution has ruined music. But web design is quite the opposite; I thank heaven that we've evolved. People have understood that it's more effective to use a trendy template than use a rainbow of ideas which are irritating to the eyes.

I don't think that a great design with all the elements described is essential to communicate. There are many ways to communicate to reach people. Visual communication is more about how to use those elements. A good photo or a plain design with a strategic text can often be more than enough.

Nyt voit testata, kuinka toimivat, modernit ja trendikkäät ovat yrityksesi sivut. Vai onko sittenkään hyvä, että parhaille sivuille on olemassa testin avulla selvitettävä standardi? Eikö paras voisi olla jotain ihan muuta?